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Maria Maestros- Psillos

Owner/Creative Director

Eyewear is an artform that enhances one's vision and appearance and is what I love offering to everyone who visits Moda Optic."

Throughout her career, Maria has honed her craft, mastering the art of selecting, fitting, and dispensing high-end eyewear to her discerning clientele. Maria's acute attention to detail and innate understanding of optical science has earned her a reputation as a trusted authority in the optical world. "I love the marriage of fashion and optics and I look forward to introducing you to our optical experience!”


Jesse Winters


Jesse has an extensive background in the luxury eyewear field that speaks volumes for his love of precision eyewear and gorgeous frames. He has consistently delivered personalized solutions tailored to each individual client's unique vision needs. Decades later, Jesse is a sought-after optical expert ready to assist you in finding the perfect pair of glasses!

Youssef Ezzaki


With over three decades of dedicated expertise in the luxury optical industry, Youssef stands as a seasoned and highly skilled optician. Possessing an unparalleled depth of knowledge he has continuously elevated the standard of eyecare through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to precision.

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